Shell Scripting Workshop

2 min readApr 26, 2021

Attended the amazing workshop on Shell Scripting under the mentorship of Mr. Vimal Daga Sir where we learnt about all the basic of shell scripting as well as Linux commands…

Summary: 24 April 2021

# A shell script is a program designed by us to run by the CLI

# An operating system is a program that controls the execution process so we can communicate with computer

# command line interface is also a software which process the command given by user and executes the command

# shell is a intermediate between os and user to communicate

# bash shell is a shell which takes the command and works on it and executes it

# variable is a data storage place where we can store some data ,we have environment variables and local variables

# a code which tells whether the output of command is right or wrong

# a script a program written by developer to do some commands execution

# a command is something which executes directly where as a script can have some group of commands in it

# hashbang is nothing but it’s the location of storage of script

# lagging in parameterize

# we can use for loop for iteration which has do and done at start and end

# a command line where we get direct output is live interpreter

# lagging in migration # input out put redirection <> is used to redirect the input or output to any place like a file for example

# to take input in a shell we give $ variable name so it asks the input..

Summary: 25 April 2021

#awk is pattern matching program used for processing files, the process a condition if one is provided and then takes a action hashtag

#Watch command in Linux is used to execute a program periodically, showing output in fullscreen. This command will run the specified command in the argument repeatedly by showing its output and errors.

# this command to use calculate how many user to wrong hits:- cat access_log|awk ‘$9==404 {print $}’ |wc -l

# tail command to use shows last 10 lines by defaaul, if want to dispay last 3 line the tail -3 we can use #date ‘+%e/%b/%G’

# We can multiple command run at atime sepearted by ‘;’ , ‘||’, ‘&&’ e.g date;hostname;cal

#touch a{1..9}.csv #-F fs :To specify a file separator, NF to check how many fields in that files, NR to check how many records in that file

#awk -F: ‘{print $4}’|cut -d: -f2 |sort |uniq -c|sort -n -k1 -r #lw(){echo hi},

#functions is the part of shell program we can create own command with help of function. bash commands are not execute when environment path not set, where as function can sucesssful execute as command without set environment path.

#awk ‘/^krish/ {print $0}’ /etc/passwd

#sed stand for stream editor




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