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1 min readApr 6, 2021


  • Amazon Comprehend : Advanced text Analytics (Use natural language processing to extract insights & relationships from unstructured texts
  • Amazon CodeGuru : Automated code reviews (Automate code reviews & identify your most expensive lines of code
  • Amazon Lex : ChatBots (Easily build conversational agents to improve customer service & increase contact center efficiency
  • Amazon Forecast : Demand forecasting (Build accurate forecasting models on the same machine learning forecasting technology used by
  • Amazon Textract : Document analysis (Automatically extract text and data from millions of documents in just hours, reducing manual efforts)
  • Amazon Kendra : Enterprise search (Add natural language search capabilities to your apps so users can find the information they need more easily)
  • Amazon Fraud Detector : Fraud prevention (Identify potentially fraudulent online activities based on the same technology used at
  • Amazon Rekognition : Image and video analysis (Add image and video analysis to your applications to catalog assets, automate media workflows, and extract meaning)
  • Amazon Personalize : Personalized recommendations (Personalize experiences for your customers using machine learning technology perfected from years of use on
  • Amazon Translate : Real-time translation (Expand your reach through efficient and cost-effective translation to reach audiences in multiple languages)
  • Amazon Polly : Text to speech (Turn text into life-like speech to give voice to your applications)
  • Amazon Transcribe : Transcription (Easily add high-quality speech-to-text capabilities to your applications and workflows)




I am a forward-thinking individual with exceptional skills in problem-solving, adaptive thinking, automation, and development.