Java Script Workshop

Jun 14, 2021

Hello Connections,

Recently, attended a 2-day workshop on “JavaScript” organized by Linux World Informatics Pvt. Ltd. and delivered by Vimal Daga Sir. #rightmentor

It was an amazing workshop, as always with basic to advanced concepts regarding JavaScript.

In this workshop, I learned about,

About browser and its features except accessing the website
Different ways to add JS Code in HTML
Text to Speech Conversion using JS
DOM(Document Object Model) and BOM(Browser Object Model)
Different boxes in JS ie. Alert Box, Confirm Box, and Prompt Box
Interesting demo of AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)
How to make a request in JS using XMLHttpRequest() method
Difference between JavaScript Synchronous and asynchronous.
Usage of <pre> tag for proper alignment of the output
Loops, JSON.parse(), GET and POST method.
The approach of how to integrate multiple technologies with JS and build great tools.

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