{GitHub + Docker + Jenkins} MlOps & DevOps Task2

This article is a simple integration of GitHub, Jenkins and Docker to automate the process of deploying a website by creating custom Docker images using Dockerfile.

Let’s start with the workflow for this task:

Dockerfile created successfully.
cmd>> docker build -t mkos:m1 .
docker run -it --name mk --privileged -p 2514:8080 -v /:/host mkos:m1

JOB #1 :

sudo cp {file name} {dir}

JOB#2 :

docker pull httpd
systemctl start httpd
later i changed port no to 8950 as 2514 is being used by Jenkins.


JOB#4 :

JOB#5 :

Here comes the full setup :

So, Here is the beautiful output for the above task.

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